How to Plant

How to Prepare for Your Tree

●    The proposed site must be easily accessible by a large vehicle
●    A cone shaped hole needs to be dug

Stage 1 REGULAR:
1m wide and 0.8m deep

1.5m wide and 1.2m deep

Planting Your Tree

●    If your site is accessible in Toowoomba planting can be arranged for $200 per regular size tree with our tree spade.
●    Outside the Toowoomba area, your tree will be caged and wrapped in Hessian. It will then be craned onto a truck and transported to your site. On arrival your tree will be lifted into the hole you have prepared.
●    A mound should be placed around the tree so that a dam is created to hold water. Ensure soil is not built up against the trunk.

How to Care for Your Tree

●    Trees must be watered with 100 litres of water (about 5 minutes of a regular 13mm hose) once every week in summer and once every two weeks in winter. Care must be taken not to over-water (e.g., do not water after heavy rain – 50mm or more).
●    Each tree needs to be fertilised with about 250g of Ozmocote when planted and every August thereafter.
●    Ensure lawns are kept at least 1m away from the trunk of your tree.
●    Twice the above Qty for Super Size.